Re-Invitation for Prequalification for Lot A-'ChhetChhet - Rikhu' Cable Car Scheme

Re-Invitation for Prequalification


Date of First Publication: August 29, 2017

Name of Project:                 Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project,

Name of Contract:               Lot A-'ChhetChhet - Rikhu' Cable Car Scheme

Contract Identification No:   UTKHEP/ICB-01-2073/74

Deadline for Bid Purchase: September 18, 2017

Deadline for Submission:    September 20, 2017

  1. Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd. (UTKHPL) intends to apply a fund from national financial institutions towards the cost of the Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project (UTKHEP). It intends to apply part of the proceeds of this fund for payments under the contract for Lot A-'ChhetChhet - Rikhu' Cable Car Scheme for the construction of Rolwaling Diversion Tunnel Scheme (RDTS) under Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project (UTKHEP). RDTS is the second stage development of UTKHEP in which Rolwaling water will be diverted via tunnel to UTKHEP reservoir to produce additional energy mostly in the dry seasons.
  2. UTKHPL intends to prequalify firms for 'ChhetChhet - Rikhu' Cable Car Scheme, but not limited to the followings:

·                Detail design, manufacture, supply, transportation, installation, testing and commissioning including one year operation of about 2.4 km long cable car (8 passenger, bi-cable, jig-back system) with load carrying capacities as below:

o    Load Capacity of Car/Carrier - 8 passengers or 1000 kg with freight basket

o    Number of Carrier - 2

o    Capacity - 50 passengers per hour per direction

·                Construction of two end stations - one at ChhetChhet village at elev. 1,400 m and the other at Rikhu village at elev. 2,100 m, andone intermediate station at lower Simigaon at elev. 1,850 m.

3.         It is expected that invitations to bid will be made in October/ November, 2017. The works are based on FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Contract- First Edition 1999 (Silver Book). It includes complete design, manufacture, supply, transportation, installation, testing, commissioning and operation of Cable Car or Ropeway System at least for one year with all complete.

4.         Prequalification will be conducted with following criteria contained in the prequalification documents and is open to applicants from all countries. Applicants are required to meet the following threshold criteria:

·                Participation as a Prime Contractor of at least two cable car or ropeway systems design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning with all complete for operation having total amount equivalent to USD 2.0 million each within the last ten years. At least one of the above two contracts has been completed outside the bidder's home country.

·                Participation as a Prime Contractor of at least one Cable car or ropeways system with design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning contract of minimum 1.2 km length and total elevation difference of minimum 100 m between any two consecutive stations has been successfully completed within last ten years.

·                Possess Average Annual Turnover of USD 4.5 million within the last 5 years.

·                Able to demonstrate Liquid Asset/Line of Credit of USD 1.0 million

·                Able to demonstrate the positive net worth.

·                Able to demonstrate adequate labor and equipment to be used for the Project.

All work experiences shall be substantiated or evidenced with experience certificates or letters issued by the Owner or the Employer or the Engineer. Such certificates or letters and prequalification documents of the parent or subsidiary companies of the Applicant shall not be considered for the evaluation. In case of a Joint venture, the above work experiences can be collectively satisfied by the partners as outlined in the Prequalification Document.

5.         Interested eligible applicants may obtain further information and inspect the prequalification documents at the Office of UTKHPL (address below) within office hours (10:00 to 17:00 hours). A complete set of prequalification documents in English may be purchased from UTKHPL office and UTKHEP office Gongar, Dolakha by interested applicants from 29th August, 2017 to 18th September, 2017 upon submission of a written application to the office as addressed below and upon submission of bank voucher evidencing a non-refundable cash deposit of Nepalese Rupees (NPR) 25,000/-  or any convertible currency equivalent to United States Dollar (USD) 250/- in favor of UTKHPL’s current Account no: 9701017500012 in Nabil Bank Limited, Nepal. All the applicants prequalified in the prequalification process will obtain the bidding documents free of cost in order to participate in the bidding process.

6.         If requested by the Applicant the document could also be sent by registered airmail. In this condition, the Applicant should include a certified cheque in the amount and currency equivalent to the cost of document as indicated above and applicable mailing/shipping charges not less than NRs 10,000 or any convertible currency equivalent to USD100 in favor of UTKHPL. UTKHPL will promptly dispatch the documents by registered airmail, starting 29th August, 2017 but UTKHPL shall not be responsible for delay or non-delivery of the document.

7.         Prequalification application along with one (1) set of original and one (1) set of duplicate prequalification documents, signed by authorized personnel, should be submitted in sealed envelopes, delivered to the address below on or before 20th September, 2017 12:00 hours (local time), and be clearly marked “Application to Prequalify for Lot A- 'ChhetChhet - Rikhu' Cable Car Scheme under Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project, Contract Identification No. UTKHEP/ICB-01-2073/74". Names and addresses of the applicants will be published in the UTKHPL's official webpage. Applications for prequalification will be opened at 14:00 hours (local time) on the same day at the Office of UTKHPL (address below) in the presence of the applicants' representatives who choose to attend. The opening process will not be hampered even if applicants' representatives are not present.

8.         If the last date for purchase or submission of PQ document falls on public holiday, the next consecutive working days shall be applicable for both purchase and submission.

9.         It is recommended to visit the project site by perspective applicants and familiarize themselves with the local conditions. Cost incurred for preparation of prequalification document and the site visit will be solely at the expenses of the applicant.

10.       UTKHPL reserves the right to accept or reject any Application for prequalification and to cancel the prequalification process and reject all Applications at any time, without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

11.       Interested eligible applicants may obtain further information from the address below or company website


Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UTKHPL)

BishnudhanNiwas, Annapurna Marga

Gyaneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel. No.:  977-1-4420268, 4420295

Fax No.: 977-1-4412569


PQ Document :  Lot A- 'Chhet Chhet - Rikhu' Cable Car Scheme