Invitation for Bids for Construction of Quarter Building at Gongar, Dolakha

Contract Ref. No: UTKHEP/CW/NCB-02-2073/74

Date of first publication: 5th Ashad , 2074

  1. The Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited(UTKHPL), has allocated funds for Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the Contract for Construction of Quarter Building at Gongar, Dolakha (Contract Ref No: UTKHEP/CW/NCB-02-073/74 . Bidding is open to all eligible Nepalese Bidders.
  2. The Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited, Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project invites sealed bids or electronic bids from eligible bidders for the construction of Construction of Quarter Building at Gongar, Dolakha [Contract Ref. No. : UTKHEP/CW/NCB-02-2073/74] under National Competitive Bidding procedures. Only eligible bidders with the following key eligibility criteria should participate in this bidding:-

i) Company/Firm Registration Certificate

            ii) Company Business Certificate

            iii) VAT/PAN Registration Certificate

            iv) Tax Clearance Certificate up to 2072/73

v) A written declaration made by the Bidder stating that the Bidder is not ineligible to participate in the Bid; has no conflict of interest in the proposed bid procurement proceedings and has not been punished for the profession or businesses related offence.

vi) Power of Attorney (if required)

vii) Joint Venture Authorization/ Agreement (if any)

  1. Eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents at the office of Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited, Annapurna Marga, Bishnudhan Niwas, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu  and  Office of Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project, Bigu-1, Gongar, Dolakha.
  2. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased from the office the both office of Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited, Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project, addressed above on or before 3rd Shrawan, 2074 during office hours by eligible Bidders on the submission of a written application, along with the copy of company/firm registration certificate, and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs.3000.00 by a Bank voucher of the amount deposited in Current Account No.:-9701017500012 of Nabil Bank Limited in favor of the UTKHPL or by an account payee  draft of the same amount issued in favor of UTKHPL.


Bidder who chooses to submit their bid electronically may purchase the hard copy of the bidding documents as mentioned above or may down load the bidding documents for e-submission from NEA’s Web Site Bidders, submitting their bid electronically,  should  deposit  the  cost(as  specified  above)  of  bidding  document  in  the Project’s  Current  account  as  specified  above and  the  scanned  copy  (pdf format)  of  the  Bank  deposit  voucher  shall  be  uploaded  by  the  bidder  at  the  time  of electronic submission of the bids.

  1. Sealed or electronic bids must be submitted to the office Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited, Gyaneswor, Kathmandu by hand or through NEA website on or before 12:00 noon on 4th Shrawan, 2074. Bids received after this deadline will be rejected.
  2. The bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders' representatives who choose to attend at 2:00 PM on 4th Shrawan, 2074 at the office of Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited, Gyaneswor, Kathmandu. Bids must be valid for a period of 90 days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a bid security or scanned copy of the bid security in .pdf format in case of e-bid, amounting to a minimum of NRs 65,000.00 which shall be valid for 30 days beyond the validity period of the bid.
  3. If the last date of purchasing and /or submission falls on a government/Company holiday, then the next working day shall be considered as the last date. In such case the validity period of the bid security shall remain the same as specified for the original last date of bid submission.
  4. The Estimated amount for the works is NRs. 30,29,409.89 (Inclusive of VAT).
  5. The Bid Security of a Joint Venture (JV) must be in the name of the Joint Venture submitting the Bid.
  6. Bidders are advised to visit site and assess the actual site conditions before submitting their bid.

11.  The Employer reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly any or all the bids without assigning any reason, whatsoever.

12.  UTKHPL shall not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by Bidders in connection   with the preparation and submission of Bids.

Project Manager


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Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project

Bishnudhan Niwas, Annapurna Marga, Gyaneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal

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